What is a roof rack?

For the adventurous at heart, keeping recreational equipment safe while on-the-go is a top priority. This includes but is not limited to heavier items like bikes and kayaks. The type of roof rack that you choose will help the overall result of transporting these from your house to the land or sea. Many components make each kind of rack unique and different benefits are included in each one. Some pieces allow you to mix and match between brands. However, some are only able to be used within the same one. Not every crossbar is alike! Make sure that you look into the logistics of how current parts that you may already have will combine with others you’re seeking to buy.



Aside from needing to make sure the individual parts go together, you need to make sure that the roof of your car is compatible with the elements. The type of rails that your roof has will affect what you need to buy. If your car has raised rails, when they are facing upward and do not have any gaps between them and the car’s roof, your job is easier. These kinds of roofs do not require any sort of specific kits. However, if you have what is referred to as “continuous” rails, you will need to buy the more expensive kit. Many cars are pre-made with a place for your rack. Alternatively, some don’t provide any pre-planned space for racks at all. This makes your job slightly trickier. In this case, you’ll need to purchase all the pieces to put one together.


Can I have a roof rack if I drive a truck?

Absolutely! Trucks are a little more complex in nature because of the way they’re built. That does not mean you can’t take your kayaks with you in your pickup. Adding some crossbars to a mount in the rear usually does the trick.


How much will this cost?

The standard cost for a rack system that doesn’t need any additions is about $200. If additional components are needed, that can bring the cost up to a stable $500. It all depends on the car you drive, the brand you use, and the pieces you require.


What else can I use a roof rack for?

These productive tools are not limited to use for recreational equipment. While most people think of these systems as ways to transport a surfboard or RTV, they have other uses as well. A large travel group can place their suitcases on the rack for added security. New baby equipment can arrive home from the store safely while tied up on the roof of your car. This year’s Christmas tree will bring joy to your home for the holidays after being carried by a roof rack.


To summarise

Roof racks are a useful tool for any car owner. They come in many shapes and sizes and may seem intimidating at first glance. Although, after some research, anyone in the market will be able to find one that will suit their needs. Fewer car accessories are as versatile as the roof rack, both in terms of their build and also their range of uses.

UV4x4 supply ARB roof racks. Whether you need one for your recreational hobbies or your family’s belongings, there is an option out there that will help.