One of the crucial functions of the exhaust is to blow out smoke. However, when you discover that the exhaust of your car is blowing out white smoke, there is a reason for you to be terrified. This is because the engine may be having a great problem, which if it is not taken care of, the problem may cause more damage to your car. There are so many reasons that may cause your car’s exhaust to blow out white smoke, and hence, the problem can worsen with time. As the owner of the vehicle or as a driver, you will need to know the leading causes of the white smoke that is being blown from the exhaust. So why do you have white smoke from your exhaust? Here are some possible reasons.

Excess condensation

One of the causes of the white smoke from the exhaust may be the excess condensation. Once too much cooling as taken place, condensation accumulates, and hence when you start the engine of your car, you will see the white smoke coming from the exhaust. However, this will mostly happen on the days that the weather is cool.  This should not make you worry so much since the white smoke will stop been blown after some minutes.

If the cylinder head is cracked or damaged

The other reason as to why your exhaust will begin blowing out white smoke is when the cylinder head is either damaged or cracked. This is because the cylinder head is meant to prevent the coolant from leaking, but when it is damaged or has a crack, the coolant will begin to leak. As the coolant is leaking, it gets mixed with the engine oil, and hence the engine oil becomes contaminated.  When the engine oil is contaminated, white smoke begins to come out of the exhaust of your car for a very long time

Oil leakages

The oil and fuel in your car should never mix. For this reason, the valves and pistons should always be in the right condition. However, when these two begin to fail, they will allow the oil to leak, and hence, it will flow to the chamber where combustion takes place. As the oil flows to the combustion chamber, it mixes with the fuel. This, in return, will cause white smoke to flow out of the exhaust. If this is the cause of the white smoke in the exhaust, you should ensure that you have fixed the problem as fast as you can to avoid any further problems.

Faulty engine control unit

In case the engine control unit has some problems, it is faulty or glitches. For this reason, it does the wrong timing for the fuel injector in the pump. Once this happens, the first signs of the faulty engine control unit will be the white smoke blown from the exhaust.

Cracks on the engine block

In case the engine block has cracked, you will have the worst experience ever with your car. This is because it is not easy to know that there are cracks on the engine block and how many cracks are there. Whatever you will see is the white smoke that will be coming out of the exhaust.