A wheeled or tracked vehicle that can handle a range of construction jobs is the perfect definition for a mini digger or excavator. A machine with a cut-off weight of 20,000 pounds is considered compact. And that applies to mini diggers.

Their versatility in handling a wide range of construction jobs is the reason for the popularity of the mini excavators. Buying a compact digger is a good idea but renting one is better. Mini diggers are not only expensive; some of them may not be suited for the jobs you need.

Renting a Melbourne mini digger gives you the advantage of choosing the right weight and size according to the work you need it for.


The advantage of mini diggers


Mini excavators are suitable to use for certain construction jobs. They are smaller, lighter, and provide less top ground damage and track marks. Crowded work sites are easy to work with the use of compact diggers.

Transporting the mini excavators between sites is also easier. Using a trailer or truck can easily transfer a compact excavator from one site to another. Just make sure that that the weight of the digger can be supported by the chosen trailer or truck.

A longer life span is with the mini excavators. It’s because of the less intense work they do. As suggested, renting a mini excavator is a better and smarter option than buying one.

Jobs that are easily handled by mini diggers


The mini diggers’ top draw is their versatility to handle a wide range of construction jobs. Some of the construction tasks that are ideally suited for compact excavators include:


Digging holes

There will be times when digging holes are located in awkward areas. Hand-powered tools or shovelling are some of the slow methods often used by construction teams to handle these problem areas. Yet, the ideal machine to use for digging holes in tight and difficult spaces is the compact excavator. Projects are speeded up with their use, freeing extra time for other important jobs.


Ploughing snow

Colder months of the year see an accumulation of snow that needs to be cleared up. The special blade attachment of mini excavators will make short work of clearing snow. The small size and weight of the machine can quickly get around roads covered with snow.


Repairing sewer lines

Using a mini digger provides a better job in repairing sewer lines. Just make sure that the mini excavator meets the required sewer line depth. Using a mini digger to handle this job is a sensible idea once the depth is within its range. It is more cost-effective to hire a mini excavator to repair the sewer lines than hiring a trencher or any full-size machine.


Hot tub and pool installation

Installing a large hot tub, a pool or garden pond outside the home has become popular home improvement projects. Constructing the pool or hot tub in the tight backyard space can be an awkward task for larger diggers. Compact excavators are the perfect machine to handle the task.


Renting mini excavators on a per-project basis is one of the great advantages they provide. Are you thinking of renting a mini digger to handle your construction needs in the home? Let us help you find the Melbourne mini diggers for your construction projects.