Office furniture transforms an office space and at the same time, provides office functionality. Depending on the budget, office furniture varies in quality and the type of raw material used to make. Typical raw materials include plastic, metal, and majorly wooden. Most of the office furniture is wooden and laced with linen or leather to give an elegant finish. Examples of office furniture are office desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, hutches, guest chairs, executive chairs, workstations, etc.

Office desk

This is a perfect example of office furniture that transforms an office space into an office and provides office functionality. An office is 50% complete with an office desk alone; the rest of the office furniture fills the remaining. This means an office disk is the most significant and basic furniture you would expect to come across in a contemporary office because it provides ample working space for the office owners and in other cases staff. Office desks still come in different quality and sizes. They are also varied in prices. Office desks come in different designs, where some are stylish and ergonomic while others are typical working surface. The surface of an office desk serves different functions depending on the owners. Executive office desks provide a surface where it can accommodate a desktop computer or a laptop, a landline telephone and other stuff that may be useful to the office owner. Other executive desks may have drawers for storing files and other office stuff. Also important is a place to write on. Others are designed to have grommet holes while others have wire management and the desks design styles list is endless. Typical examples of office desks include some of the following; L-shaped desks, executive desks, U-desks, computer desks, corner desks, adjustable height desks, modern desks, traditional desks, reception desks, compact desks, workstations, credenzas, double pedestal desks, standing desks and more.

Office chair

After getting a perfect working surface area in the office desk, you need to exemplify the professional look of an office by acquiring a complementary executive or guest office chair. An executive office chair is for the office owner while the guest chair is meant for clients. It is important to choose an executive office chair that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. An executive chair is the most expensive chair that is designed to accommodate almost all people with different physical characteristics and highly adjustable to fit any posture desired. They are wheeled to ease movement around the office desk space.

Filing cabinet

Filing cabinets are used for file storage, and they vary in sizes and shapes. Files are organised in filing cabinets for easy retrieval when needed. They have lockable drawers to keep their content secure and inaccessible to unauthorised individuals. Most of them are wooden, while some are plastic and metallic. They keep an office organised.


This is fixed furniture that provides a flat wooden surface used to place office utensils and other objects. One can use the countertop to write on. They vary in heights and shapes, the most common shape is a semi-circle.

Office table

This can be a wooden table, glass, or metal. It provides a flat surface for writing on. It can be used to supplement an office desk when the budget is limited. It can be moved around the office with ease because of its lightweight.

Hutch cabinet

They appear like filing cabinets but often used to serve coffee or tea in an office. They have wheels to ease movement within an office setup.

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