Akuna is an aboriginal term meaning flowing water. It is perfect for this location, which gets water from two river systems. It is close to St. Ives, where you can find bays and beaches. So get into your sailboats and make your way to lovely Akuna Bay located at the end of Coal and Candle Creek. It is a top-rated destination where you can birdwatch, fish, or spend days relaxing. People choose this destination because besides being able to spend the day on the water, they can find places for picnics with public barbeque facilities. You can also find shops and restaurants. It is easy to sign up and berth your sailboat at one of the available marinas, and there is parking for cars and boat trailers.

Marina Services

To have your boat available to sail out on the waters, you can choose wet berthing. Your vessel gets stored in a wet berth and available to you at any time. If you require assistance at your berth when you’re departing and returning a dockmaster is on-hand and available seven days a week,

If you don’t need your vessel every day, you can choose the dry boat storage. When you want to go out on the water, your boat is ready within an hour. The dockmaster retrieves and returns your vessel back to dry dock. This eliminates you from having to transport your boat back and forth every time you want to go sailing.

You can also find marinas that have services that include boat broker,  boat hire, maintenance, electrical, and shipwright services. There is access to pump-out facilities and a boat ramp with high-security.

There is plenty of room for your vessel since marinas are large and can accommodate many different sized boats. Some marinas offer over 200 wet berths and 160 spaces for dry storage. If you require you can also store your jet skis and kayaks.


Among the facilities available at marinas every day are fuel, fuel cards that have discounts, trolleys, and parking. You’ll find customer lounges complete with kitchenettes, iPod connectivity, dining table, TV, places to do your laundry, and access to Wi-Fi as well as places for a barbeque.

Some marinas also have meeting rooms and event venues for hire.


Marina benefits

Among the benefits of storing your boat at a marina in Akuna Bay is that a dockmaster is on hand. He’s ready to assist you every day of the week. You don’t have to retrieve or put back your boat yourself. There are reciprocal berthing rights at all the seven marina locations all over New South Wales and Victoria.

Courtesy trolleys available for your provisions and you have access to fuel every day with discount fuel cards. Other benefits include full showers and toilet facilities. There is top-level security at all marinas. For your pleasure, you can find waterfront cafes and dining.

So if you are a boating enthusiast or enjoy boating with your family and friends, it is an excellent choice to arrange for having your vessel at a marina. With all the marina services, facilities, and benefits you can’t lose. Everything you need is in one place. You also get assistance with your boat anytime you need it. Once you are a member, you can be sure that all you have to do is set sail and enjoy your day.