Expelling bad air to bring in fresh air becomes possible with the mechanism called the industrial exhaust ventilation. The workplace becomes a healthy and safe environment for all when proper ventilation is provided.

Harmful contaminants are removed by a good designed industrial exhaust using the right speed to bring in fresher air. Accidents happening in the workplace, as well as health risks to employees are minimised in the presence of a well-designed industrial exhaust ventilation system.


Reasons to have Industrial Exhaust in the Workplace


  • Exposure to airborne contaminants is greatly reduced
  • A continuous outside fresh air supply to all working in the office
  • Heatstroke protection for all workers
  • Reduce the risks of explosions or fires

A complete overhaul of the entire processes of the workplace is eliminated when there is an industrial exhaust ventilation system in place. An industry involved in the use of toxic chemicals benefits from the alternative substitute of a good industrial exhaust ventilation system.


How Industrial Exhaust Ventilation works


The two main parts of an industrial ventilation system include:

  • An exhaust system consisting of:
  • Fans
  • Ducts moving air from one location to another
  • Area for air intake
  • Discharge stacks
  • A device for cleaning the air
  • Fresh air supply system consisting of:
  • Registers for air distribution
  • Air inlet
  • Ductwork
  • Equipment for cooling and heating
  • Equipment for filtering air
  • Fans

Work areas in various industries need these two types of the standard industrial exhaust ventilation system, to include:

Local Exhaust

Contaminants and impurities in the air are captured in or near the workplace by this type of industrial exhaust ventilation system. The captured unclean and contaminated air is then expelled outside. Catching the pollutants at the source requires an opening or hood. Moving the harmful pollutants from inside to outside is by passing them through the ducts. The moving air is then cleaned by a good quality air filter system.

A workplace that has a higher percentage of pollutants posing potential health risks to their workers needs this type of industrial exhaust ventilation system. This is because dust, metal fumes, and various kinds of unhealthy air pollutants can be removed by this kind of ventilation system. Less energy is also needed to run this kind of system compared to another system called dilution ventilation.


The mix of fresh and clean air to contaminated air is the way this ventilation system reduces the level of air contaminants. Using this type of ventilation technique is by fixing huge exhaust fans on the roofs or walls of rooms or buildings.

However, this kind of industrial ventilation system can only adequately clear the air if the pollutants in the air are not too high with moderate to low toxicity levels. The dilution industrial ventilation system is best used for places with dispersed or mobile air contaminants. They work perfectly in offices and their low-maintenance adds to the appeal of this type of industrial exhaust ventilation system.


Your commercial building needs the right kind of industrial exhaust ventilation system to protect the life and limb of your workers. We are here to help you select the right kind of ventilation system suitable for your business type. We will help design, construct, and do further upgrades as needed for Aletek’s industrial exhaust systems.