Aluminium ute canopy is a chassis mounted structure always with a roof over it with walls and access points for instance windows and doors, that can store tools, camping gear, and any other equipment in the tray or tub. Most canopies are designed to be lockable for security reasons.


Benefits of aluminium ute canopies

  • They are lighter (alloy) so it gives less impact on a load-carrying capacity of a canopy, hence less fuel consumption due to light load as compared to steel and fibreglass ute canopies.
  • Its maintenance cost is low and they are highly robust and abrasive resistant.
  • Additional accessories can be installed on the aluminium ute canopy for example; cameras, lights, and indicators to improve your adventure.
  • For aesthetic purposes, aluminium canopy makes your car look attractive, aside from helping you carry around some weighty objects from one place to another.
  • By installing an aluminium canopy on your car, you increase the resale value by a margin, so it is suitable if you are targeting to resale the car, it will fetch you a good value.

Because of the benefits above, aluminium ute canopies have gained popularity amongst some fans and also for the reasons that it can be tailored and customised to suit leisure and work as well. You can incorporate several features like shelves, drawers, trays, toolboxes or even fridge slides for camping trips, etc.

Remember the fact that when you close your tray or tub space with a canopy, you are sacrificing the load-carrying capacity of the canopy synonymous with ope air tray/tub. Things like furniture and other large items cannot fit in, so be mindful of what you are wanting to tote.

Types of aluminium ute canopies

I asked where can one find the best aluminium canopy in the world, with a variant designs? I found out there are a lot of Australian aluminium ute canopy specialists. You will get a variety of canopies with different material all the same but we are here now for aluminium canopies, a fact that defines the kind of Aussie driving public are. Some of the local canopy manufacturers in Australia have made a great reputation for designing top-quality aluminium canopies that match with their clientele needs. You will also find aluminium canopies in stores that fit in a range of vehicles.

The reason why aluminium ute canopy is preferred by the majority of clients is because of its ability to stop dirt, dust, and water from entering. Although not perfectly unless dust prone areas like hinges are well sealed with a rubber sealing.


Features of aluminium ute canopies

  • Cost of aluminium ute canopy is relatively cheap as compared to steel and fibreglass canopies
  • Aluminium ute canopies warranty ranges from one year to even a lifetime
  • Second-hand aluminium canopies are available on the stores at relatively low cost and it can fit with your lifestyle easily
  • Weather seal around the doors to prevent dust and water from getting in
  • Gas strut assisted doors for easy opening and closing of the doorways
  • Stainless steel hinges which are waterproof and rust-resistant so that they can last for a long time
  • Completely braced doors and firm framing to ensure strength and durability
  • Aluminium checker plate- 2.5mm
  • You can a collection of companies from all capital cities, therefore repairs and additional customisation and rebuilding is available all through